Paintings, Printmaking & Mixed Media

We are sad to report that a catastrophic house fire in summer of 2016 destroyed nearly all of Yale's work housed at his studio. We are in process of cataloging what work of his survived (a few) and what is extant through his galleries. The images below are, thus, more of an archive than what is available for purchase. We do have about 40 paintings and works on paper at the gallery at this time, most of which are unframed (and a great buy!). Undaunted, Yale is busy rebuilding and working on several long-term projects.

Yale Epstein was most recently featured in a major solo exhibition at the gallery: "Essential Forms". The exhibit ran, extended, through July 18, 2015, and included 80 small geometric paintings and a number of serigraphs and photographs that relate to the new paintings, which he refers to as his Contemporary Modernist Series. Click HERE to link to our Current Exhibition page for details including artist and curator statements.

Pricing for work on hand ranges from $675 to $2800.

Yale has been a huge creative force for over 55 years. As teacher, master printer, painter, collage artist and, most recently, photographer, he is the embodiment of the consummate artist. His work is beautifully crafted, lovingly organized, and of the highest quality as enduring works of art. Various printmaking techniques are foundational for his current series, to which are added any number of processes - dry pigments, inks, wax, dyes, marble dust, graphite, varnishes, washes, etc. - until each piece feels "right". His is a very personal approach to making art but is also one that, according to the artist, "integrates his lifetime involvement with the visual legacy of the past, as well as contemporary culture." His work evolves and is sometimes repeatedly reworked - honoring a continual dialogue between his self and his work. His hope is that those viewing or purchasing his work will, also, find or experience a personal resonance and meaning with his art.

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Epstein's exhibition career is extensive, impressive, and successful, with work housed in major private, public and corporate collections, and continues to receive major commissions. Those include: the Albright-Knox galleries, Buffalo, NY: the Bibleotheque National, Paris, France; the Brooklyn Museum, NY; the Library of Congress; U.S. Department of State; Yale University, New Haven, CT; American Airlines; Cannon, U.S.A.; China World Trade Center, Bejing, China; I.B.M. Corporation; Ritz-Carlton Hotels; and Taiwan Maritime Corporation.