Andy Warhol "Silver Factory" Era Photographs & Archival "Green" Photo Silk Screens

A Poughkeepsie native, Billy Name moved to Manhattan, NY, in 1960 to do lighting design for the New York Poets Theater, the Living Theater, and the Judson Memorial Church. He met Andy Warhol in 1963, and served as Warhol's in-house photographer, lighting & set designer, and book designer & editor from 1964 to 1970. In his iconic installation, Billy covered Andy Warhol's Factory interior with aluminum foil and silver paint - hence the reference to the Silver Factory.

We were fortunate to include Billy in our stable of artists and circle of friends. He was a gentle, loving, and insightful person, one of our first supporters and boosters when our gallery opened in downtown Poughkeepsie in 1998. He was active in the growth and inclusivity of the arts scene in his home town. There are volumes of information on Billy online and in print, which material we have no way to include here but encourage you to seek. An internationally recognized artist, he was one of the most genuine and down-to-earth of persons. We will miss him.

The work available at the gallery includes the remaining body of photographs chosen, printed, custom-framed and exhibited by the Pompidou Museum for the 2010 Recontres Arles Exhibition; additional photos from a NYC exhibit series; and a selection of recently issued and signed "green archival technology" silk screens of his photographs.

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Billy's exhibition and publication credits would fill many pages. His work has been included in both museum shows and fine photography publications globally. After leaving the First Factory in 1970, he moved to San Francisco to work on poetry and sculpture. He returned to New York in 1977, eventually moving back to Poughkeepsie, where he continued to work with photography, poetry, and sculpture until his death in July, 2016.