Paintings, Drawings, Mixed-Media & Printmaking

A talented and acclaimed artist from New Paltz, NY, Leslie Bender creates personal work concerning situations and ideas that are supercharged with life energy which have drawn her like a magnet from the first day she picked up a palette knife. These include, among other dynamics, the edge of the ocean, social interactions, the symphony orchestra, the symbolic power and grace of horses, and the many implications of allegory, dream and myth. In each, she invests her passions, her intuition and the knowledge and experience she has gained in her 30 year career to fulfill the purpose of the artist in any society to interpret our individual and communal life experience and to reach towards surpassing universal or spiritual truths. Leslie also creates murals, portraits, theater backgrounds and is a well regarded educator.

We are in process of updating our holdings of her work. Many of the paintings shown below are still available. Prices for work in our holdings range from $600 to $5,000.

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Leslie's works have been exhibited at the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, along with the Chrysler Museum in Virginia and the Glenbow Museum in Canada. She has also staged numerous one-woman art shows in the New York City and Hudson Valley areas. She is a graduate of the Scenic Painting School at Cobalt Studios and has subsequently designed numerous backdrops for the Ulster Ballet, the Woodstock Youth Theater and other theaters. Her murals appear in such places as the Culinary Institute of America and other institutions, along with private homes, restaurants, businesses, public works and churches. Her largest project to date has been a 200-foot long mural painted by the students in one of her classes at SUNY.